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I am a bodyworker, guide, priestess, dancer & medicine woman. As an intuitive bodyworker for the past 15 years I have been trained in various techniques and healing modalities including shiatsu, cranial sacral, herbology, Temple dance, & Tantra. I am most at home in my body when I am giving myself full permission to FEEL. 

I continue to LiSTEN to my intuition & instincts; having married the Divine Masculine & Feminine Within. I am an ordained Priestess of Isis, ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess. My roots are deep & rich and my branches stretch far. I meet my clients where they are and guide them through their journeys to bring integration & healing on all levels. 


I offer one on one consultations, Tarot readings for individuals and parties, and guided soul/shadow/eros work. I also offer Earth Magick Tantra programs of initiation & Bodywork Sessions. I am available for outcalls and I have an office in Marin County, Ca. I am also available as a muse for erotic art . Please see my Tarot & Earth Magick Tantra page for details!

We are made up of Soul, energy, physical structure, water, ether, spirit, emotional bodies. We contain stories in our DNA, in our bones and our tears. I feel that through the experience of being alive and feeling our feelings fully; we can evolve & live from a much richer place of knowing ourselves and being present. When we bring presence to what Life wants us to live; we activate a Realm of Magick & potential. When we feel, listen to & see the full spectrum of our humanity including our pain, trauma, and drama, we see who we are and that we have the courage & responsibility (ability to respond) to face ourSelves. 

In the great unfolding of facing ourSelves; we need guidance so as to know that we are supported through this demanding task. We need to feel safe to explore places within our subconscious that had previously been locked/blocked.  What treasures are waiting for you to uncover them?

Only through facing our fears and having a practice of relating to our fears rather than trying to dominate or control them can we & do we ACTUALLY embody our FULL POTENTIAL. 

I have experienced loss, trauma, abuse, drama, & fragmented Soul pieces. I have pulled myself together with the tender guidance of other beings who had experienced soul loss and fragmentation as well. This is not uncommon; it is not beyond our human reality to be able to see clearly that which was unseen to us before. WE are here to Evolve. 

I am here to be a guiding force; adding magick & fuel to your inner simmer of inspiration & aliveness, wholeness & integrity. 

With love, Ciela

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trust the wilderness of your soul