Ciela Alchemy is a portal. What is found in this portal is unique to each individual.  

Ciela offers tools of transformation through~

Intimacy/  Soul/   Eros

Ciela offers guidance & exploration through Sacred Tarot readings, Earth Magick Tantra bodywork sessions & erotic art exploration.

Queen of Pentacles Apothecary products are offered to help integrate the emotional & psychic journey one goes on as they awaken this living portal Within. 

Ciela's MISSION ~

to provide a safe & nurturing container/environment to explore Soul/Shadow Work

to offer ways to access the subconscious ; to integrate soul pieces

to explore the realm of sexuality & life force energy to bring healing into our bodies

to encourage others to live empowered, vibrant lives through these modalities

to inspire healing through Queen of Pentacles Apothecary (QPA) products

Ciela guides her clients on line & in person through various practices to clear energetic channels in the body & activate their centers of power Within. Ciela is extremely sensitive to the energies and blockages in the body. She offers meditations to ground & nurture as well as to call in the potent unique Akashic energies of the individuals; to call these energies home into and around the body. As a Priestess of Isis Mother Goddess & as a human having gone in depth into energy studies, she has access to recharging the Ka body ((the energetic body that holds & surrounds the physical body)). 

It is through the work of exploring Soul/Shadow Eros/Intimacy that we arrive at places of integration. There is no end to this exploration. We are faced with more and more opportunities to learn and practice the art of surrender. As we deepen into these heart opening practices; we tune into the process of empowered embodiment. Making decisions with clear channels will undoubtedly change the World.

It is through intimacy that we find our authentic desires as well as have opportunities to be with/face our fears. When we begin within and nurture our intimacy with & for ourselves; we then can gather our power & creative energies & expand our capacity to explore relationships with others. This sexual life force energy is what we are made up of and affects all our relations; the relationship we have with the Earth,  to our loved ones & our children. Getting to know ourselves is key to unlocking and unblocking our channels. 

Please see my Tarot & Earth Magick Tantra page for details on my sessions