(Above art by Joey Cortez)

Using the ancient divination method of Tarot, I offer on line Readings as well as in person (if you are in the Bay Area (San Francisco, East Bay or Marin/Sonoma County).

I am available for outcalls and my studio is in Marin County. Please note there may be additional costs for outcalls.

ON LINE via face time :

1/2 hour on line Reading- get straight to it- $50.

1 hour on line Full Spectrum Reading & Clearing-$100

(includes energetic grounding & clearing so you can more easily absorb and digest the Divination & messages)

IN PERSON (either a Bay Area Outcall or at my studio in Marin County, less than an hour north of San Francisco off the freeway)

Tarot Reading & Clearing & Activation body Alchemy ~$300 1.5 hours

Includes anointing with pure essential oils & bodywork to help open channels~ re set your system to be able to integrate your reading and deepen your healing capacity

Please email me to set up a Tarot Reading cielabliss@gmail.com


based on my last 15 years of offering bodywork and studying healing modalities including Swedish massage, shiatsu & Tantra…I weave together a unique experience for each of my clients. I focus on the life force energies that run through the spine as well as the breath to attune to the energetic body and into the Earth Body. We have access to unlocking & freeing our energies. When we have energy tied up with over worrying and stressing we are allowing our life force energy to feed that which depletes us of our creative & sensual/sexual force. When we come back to our senses and our body and the pure magick of our unique soul; we feed a realm of Mystery & deep healing/alchemy which in turn nourishes us and brings us deeper into relation with Self. With bodywork, I am very intuitive and passionate about honoring the full self including shadow and all the layers of the body: the physical & physiological, the energetic bodies, as well as the emotional body. I connect in to the earth, the heart, the ancestors and spirit guides & allies as well as into the Void; where all is possible with the fertile soil of the soul. I work with women, men, and couples. I welcome questions and inquiries.

Re Birthing Ceremony


3 hours of deep ritual, body work, sound healing & nourishment to clear away the old debris on the soul and re-caliberate to an energetic system of freedom & authentic expression. Please consult with Ciela to see if you are in alignment with this offering. Email me cielabliss@gmail.com

Earth Magick Tantra Sessions

1 hour Tantric bodywork $300

deep magick- 90 mins-$450

deep magick Tantric bodywork (includes shamanic journey to ground and clear channels to invite more bliss & authentic expression into the body)

deep alchemy-2 hour session -$550

deep alchemy Tantric bodywork includes Tarot Reading & Shamanic Journey to prepare a deeply nourishing sensuous session )

Forest Bathing w Ciela

1 Hour or more Sliding scale donation $80-150/ hour

Journey with me into the Sacred Woods. Amongst the ancient Redwoods we will drop into the Art of Being, Breathing and Listening. I will bring us simple sacraments like chocolate & apples as well as a rattle and drum to help us ground into sound magick. Annointing you with precious oils and guiding you through the Realm of Forest; allow me to be your Priestess…

Freedom and creativity come from creating space in your life…To carve out time and re claim your divine nature! is a Gift.

Cacao & Kava Ceremony can be added to any session/journey for an additional $20

Cacao & Kava Ceremony

Drinking ceremonial chocolate (cacao) with kava (root in tincture form) brings healthy circulation to the body as well as deeply relaxes body and mind…especially wonderful in preparation to Tantric bodywork or as part of a Forest Bathing Session.

For inquiries and to book a session please email cielbliss@gmail.com

I am available for outcalls & at my studio in Marin County, Ca